Sunday, February 1, 2009


16" x 20" O/C
This is a painting I did for the "Western Art & Saddle Show" at the MORTON STREET GALLERY. The show opens Feb. 7, 2009.

I heard Fran Knueppel (gallery owner and artist) talking about a “Cowboy Martini” one day recently. I know there really is such a thing. I found two different recipes on the net; however, I do not think a cowboy would drink either one. I know--I’m probably wrong. So here is my version.....a beer in a martini glass.


Deborah Ross said...

Steve, your work is looking great! I love your take on the Victorian mansion, and this one is really nice with the light on the glass. Your mansion was especially eyecatching with the colors you chose. Sorry your portrait hasn't gotten there yet, I keep forgetting to spray it and then when I remember it's too cold, but it will get there eventually.

Angela Elledge said...

So, can I tell you how much I love martinis...gin or vodka, it doesn't matter, and I think I would like this kind, as well! I love your concept of the cowboy martini -excellent reflections on the amber bottle and really like your signature placement. Where are you in Texas? Thank you for visiting my blog and the nice compliment.

r garriott said...

Hi Steve (hey, I figured out your fisrt name finally!),

I saw a photo of a beer martini in a travel ad for Scottsdale today. Go figure. Your is much better! Nice job.

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Hope you'll want to play!

Phare-Camp said...

huhhhmmm, know some cowboys and don't believe cocktails are their thing -- beer or whiskey/tequila neat that's the cowboy way!

Texas is a great place to be from...

r garriott said...

I think someone may have missed the point! Great image, nice twist.